Hello, you!


My name’s Sophie and I passionately believe that the littlest things in life can make the biggest difference. 

From the age of 12-15, I suffered with Chronic Insomnia (a sleeping disorder) and just as I started to recover from that, I got diagnosed with Myofascial Pain Syndrome which I’ve been living with ever since. In addition to this, I received a diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome (an Autistic Spectrum Disorder) when I was 15. Since then, I have struggled with depression, anxiety and a truck load of other illnesses! You can read about some of this here

It was during these times of illness when I realised that even though days could be terrible, happiness could always be found in the little things. So, I started this blog in the hope that I could shed some light on these small sources of joy for people who may be struggling and hopefully make people smile.

I now study Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience in Nottingham, where I was born and raised. I’m a huge lover of music, travel, books and lipstick – there’s nothing you can’t conquer when you’re rocking a red lip. I’m a compulsive Diet Coke drinker and horrific at sports, having only ever achieved a fantastic tennis rally of… 3. 

I believe in the extraordinary joy that can be found in every day life and I believe that ordinary people can be absolute champions. So, here we are: Life of Little Things. 

I hope my blog brings a smile to your face. You can also find me on Twitter and Instagram!

Stacks of love,