A Daily Dose of Perspective

Hello, you!   At the minute, I’m really struggling with post-traumatic stress from my surgeries and other things that have happened to me over the past few years. One of the things I’m struggling most with is how agitated I am, if I get even slightly bored, it’s like I’m taken over by ‘the rage’ so I’m trying to keep my mind busy. Normally, while I’m driving I whack on some music and have a good drive, singing along and probably looking like a bit of a tit to other drivers passing by. The other night though, I was too hypersensitive to listen to music (thanks, Asperger’s) so decided to listen to a podcast on the way over to my boyfriend’s house. I feel I must mention that podcasts make me feel very cultured and intellectual, making productive use of my drive time to learn something – check me. 5 points to Sophie. The drive to Ryan’s is pretty short so I clicked on the shortest one I could find and it was a TED Talk by Benjamin Grant called ‘What it Feels Like to See Earth From Space’ – I love stuff like this. I’ve always had this thing… View Post

Spectacular Sunsets

Hello, you! When I was a little girl, my mum always used to say to me ‘Wow, Sophie! Look at the sky!’ As a young child, I was fascinated by its colours, then I grew up, and at around age thirteen (when you think your parents are the most mortifying thing on earth) thought it was ‘silly’ and ‘uncool’ to be amazed by spectacular sunsets… Then I grew up a bit more and BECAME OBSESSED. It’s no exaggeration to use the word ‘obsessed’, I’m lucky enough to have a west facing room and can regularly be heard shouting ‘Mum! Look at the sunset over the back of the neighbour’s house!’ It’s got to the point where my best friend genuinely once said ‘bloody hell, Soph, are you taking another photo of the sky?’ So, yes… Needless to say, I’m a big fan. The thing is, when I was ill, I never took the time to appreciate the sheer beauty of a great sunset, because that sort of thing just doesn’t cross your mind when you’re running on about 45 minutes sleep. Now, I make a conscious effort to appreciate the sky on fire.  Now, I’m not going to start rocking a… View Post