The Best Advice I’ve Received…

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I feel like it’s worth talking about the best advice I’ve received. Well, technically it wasn’t given to me initially but I got it in the end. Let’s go back in time a bit… My mum was just about to take her nursing finals and was an absolute nervous wreck, bless her. My nana, said to her ‘if you get worried, just touch your left shoulder and imagine I’m sitting on it, right there with you’, how sweet. My granddad, Papa Ron, then turned around, in typical Scottish fashion, and said, ‘right kid, take three deep breaths, think fuck it and go in there and do your best’ now THAT is what I’m talking about. 




I don’t remember when this advice was passed on to me, clearly it wasn’t at age three, because as much as I come from a long line of Glaswegians and Geordies, we’re relatively civilised;) Anyway, for some reason my granddad, the legendary Ronnie Campbell, told me this and I haven’t forgotten it since.

You see, we live in a society where everyone feels judged and people get too nervous to do things they actually want to do, but all it really takes is a few seconds of ‘fuck it’ and you can do it. Now, I’m not saying go out there and swing for your ex, please don’t… But there have been times where I’ve been sat there thinking, ‘ahhhh should I do this?’ then this advice comes into my head and the next minute I’m doing it. I won’t lie and say it’s all been plain sailing hahaha, I have landed myself in some VERY embarrassing situations but it’s all been a laugh in the end.

My best friends regularly end up roped into my ‘fuck it’ antics – one time I was stood with Leila and saw a guy I used to know when we were young kids, so I say to her ‘shall I say something?!’ to which she replies ‘oh my god, Soph, no!’ not even 10 seconds later I’m walking up to the poor chap saying ‘Hey! I used to know you!’… He had absolutely no recollection of my existence and turns out he was one of those #indie, philosophical, ‘I’m so deep cause I listen to Leonard Cohen’ types;)  I enjoy reminding myself of this situation, purely because of the absolute hysterics Leila and I ended up in. 

But, this advice has helped me in some of my worst times too. Throwback to when I was first got my chronic pain, when I was 15, and was in hospital left, right, and centre for some incredibly painful treatments. I’d sometimes sit in the waiting room, nervous as hell and think ‘fuck it’, then suddenly I didn’t seem as scared anymore. It’s helped me with exams too, when you’ve worked so hard you can’t work anymore but you still don’t feel like it’s enough. Sometimes you just have to remember you can’t control everything, something I’ve really struggled with, and think ‘fuck it’, let it be. 

It’s one of the best, if not THE best, pieces of advice I’ve ever been given and I am so grateful for it. It helps me to get shit done, get out there and make memories. Who knows, maybe it’ll help you too.


Stacks of love,



  1. Emily
    March 6, 2017 / 8:18 pm

    I really needed to read this tonight. It’s only a clear out I’m having before I move but I get REALLY attached to things or think to myself “I might use it again one day” so I’m just going to say fuck it to myself now!

    • March 6, 2017 / 8:19 pm

      Ahhh, best of luck with that, I’m completely the same! Glad I could help:)

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